SpinGym is truly the definition of One Size Fits all, everyone can use type of product.  Compact, portable and weighing less than a pound, it packs a punch from 4lbs up to 24lbs.  Whether you are working at your desk or confined to a wheelchair, proper use of SpinGym allows for rehab, strength building, and increased energy throughout the day.  Any age, no weight limit or age limits and with more than 100 exercises there is no more versatile, powerful and effective fitness product, than SpinGym.

We recommend NOT to exceed 5 minutes for the first few time exercising with SpinGym.  SpinGym engages every muscle simultaneously in your body, so you can literally burn out your upper body muscles in just minutes. As always, check with your doctor before starting any exercise routine.

SpinGym is PERFECT for you.  It will get you a completely IMPACT FREE, yet cardio blasting workout in just minutes with no jarring to your knees, no running, no treadmill - but results far better than if you DID suffer through all those other workouts!  SpinGym is highly adaptable - add to your Zumba, Yoga, KickBoxing, Stretch or Pilates routine and add to your bike, treadmill, stair climber or just walk in the park.

SpinGym actually fires your CORE EVERY time your pull out on it. As long as you are doing the SpinGym your core is engaged.