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I'm in my office using my SpinGym and I love it. It's easy to carry around, it's a quick workout, it just works. It's a stress buster, too!

Anna Mull

I thought I’d try this and yes you can feel it EVERYWHERE and my son couldn’t believe this it works!

Paige Turner

I use this daily. An hour goes by so quickly when I’m watching my fav show on t.v. It has motivated me to get up and get moving!! 

Bob Frapples

This is an easy and simple way to exercise the entire body. Just pick it up anytime and away you go! yeah SpinGym

Maya Plotkin

SpinGym stretches all the upper body muscles for toning. Can do it while watching t.v! Really feel it work… love it

Nick R. Bocker

I love this, it's easy to do and I like the fact you can put it in a bag and take it with you. Great way to get fit.

Anna Fisher

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At the Beach
On a Plane
Great for Sports
At the Office
At the Beach
On a Plane
Great for Sports

About SpinGym

Forbes Riley SpinGym® Upper Body Workout System and Carrying Case is the most compact gym that delivers a heart pumping, metabolic boosting and fat melting workout in JUST MINUTES!

This portable fitness device helps you strengthen and tone your upper body anytime, anywhere! Define and tighten your arms, sculpt sexy shoulders, and strengthen the muscles in your chest, back and more.

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Who is Forbes Riley?

Forbes Riley is one of today’s most accomplished Entrepreneurs, a highly sought-after spokesperson, motivational keynote speaker and CEO of SpinGym.

She’s hosted 180+ infomercials, launched the original ESPN X-Games, had 2 National talk shows and 25+ years marketing products on home shopping channels worldwide.

Crowned as the $2.5 Billion-Dollar TV Host, she was determined to reach her goals — through dedication, never-ending passion and hard work, she has.

Her mantra; Dream It, Believe It. Achieve It.

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