Sadly as we age our metabolic rate declines, we feel more tired, choose to workout less and indulge more — and they like to call that stubborn middle age related weight gain.  Well we do have an option to fight the battle of the bulge – I recommend SpinGyming at least 3 times a day for a solid 5 minutes and including some amazing fat burn, energy boosting Power Foods – ready?

1. Apples – Super high in fiber – Pectin a gel like fiber helps to curb hunger and block fat absorption – why do you think they recommend “an apple a day!

2. Avocados – High in fat, high in flavor and surprisingly one of the smartest, healthiest and filling choices you can make! Studies have shown that a half an avocado contains enough good fat and antioxidants to dramatically reduce craving and belly fat hormones

3. Beets – not only help create nitric oxide and lower blood pressure but they are high in antioxidants – turns out the deep color pigment helps to accelerate fat burn and help to improve levels of weight controlling hormones

4. Broccoli – a cruciferous vegetable contains “indole-3-carbinol” compounds proven to improve estrogen levels and help to reduce belly fat

5. Flaxseed–  boost a powerful combo of high fiber and omega 3 fatty acids that work together to help shed unwanted pounds.